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How To Make Your Own Foam Soap

Save Money Making Foam Soap

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Since COVID-19 has taken over the world, we are all frantically cleaning and trying to make our soaps and sanitizers last as long as possible, right?

I’ve been making foam soap for years now, and can make a large bottle of regular soap last about a year — I literally pay like $4/year for hand soap! I actually get a little bit mad at myself if I get lazy and don’t do this because it saves SO much!

Prices on soap are higher than usual right now, so we will be spending a little more during COVID-19 — which is an even better reason to make the soap last longer!

Here’s how I do it in 3 SIMPLE steps:

Start with a bottle of antibacterial soap and an old foam soap bottle.

Fill the foam soap bottle until there is about an inch of soap at the bottom of the bottle.

Add hot water, very slowly so there are minimal bubbles.

DON’T SHAKE IT!! Rotate the bottle upside down and right side up over and over again, slowly, until it is all mixed up.

Put the lid on and pump until foam comes out.