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Work From Home on Your Schedule

Working from home requires tons of self-discipline, a quiet workspace, and time. A lot of us have a hard time finding time to actually sit down and work at home because of everything going on around us — I know I’ve struggled with this! Family and friends will call you, comment on your social media posts, etc. while you are working, and it can be hard to refrain from answering them. So, it’s wonderful to find a company that will actually let you make your own schedule while working from home so that you can still make time for everything else!

This company is somewhat like the one I mentioned in How I Earned $1400/Month As A Customer Support Agent. But, there are many more options for higher hourly pay, some of the clients do not require agents to have a home phone, and much more freedom.

Just like Sykes, Arise is like a third-party whom companies trust to hire phone agents to train and employ for them.

How Do I Start?

You actually don’t even have to apply — just sign up to work!

You can click “Work From Home” to start setting up an account.

Please help support The Sunshine Blog by using this referral code during registration: 2480637 — thanks so much!

But, before you can see a list of opportunities to sign up and work for one, you’ll need to sign up with a company to work for via Arise. Sounds confusing — I know — but basically, you work through Arise, which is just an online platform, per se. There are different companies that will hire you to work on that platform, and they will provide you with a list of job opportunities to sign up for (you can sign up for as many as you’d like, but don’t overwhelm yourself!).

Here is a list of companies you can choose from. Simply email your resume to the address listed next to the company you choose. Then, watch your email closely for their response to move forward. They will give you an EIN to enter into your Arise account so that the opportunities will appear on your account.

The company that I chose, when I signed up, was IMEX Communications. Click here to fill out the application — don’t forget to use my name — Christina Rawls — and CSP ID — 2480637, when filling out the application!

Choosing an Opportunity

Once that is all set, you can click to View Details on each of the opportunities in the Arise portal and read about each one. You’ll also see a link to Enroll in training, so you can click there once you’ve reviewed them all and chosen which one you’d like to pursue. You’ll get emails from the company you signed up with in the previous step, and they will keep you updated on pay rates (most are $10-$20/hour) and whether or not you need a home phone for each opportunity. You can also reach out to them with any questions you may have about an opportunity.

If you don’t have a home phone, and don’t plan on getting one, you’ll want to find out which opportunities don’t require having a landline and narrow it down from there.

Not all opportunities are phone jobs, so there’s always the possibility of signing up for a Web Designer or Chat Agent position when they’re available.

Certification Class & Details

HEADS UP!!! Each opportunity requires you to pass a Background Check and/or Drug Test in order to sign up for the Certification Class. You will see the details of what is needed towards the bottom of the Details page in each opportunity.

The Certification Classes may cost you out of pocket, but the company that hired you from the list provided above might have a voucher for it, so feel free to email them and ask about a voucher before paying for a class. Another thing — You won’t be paid during class unless the details say otherwise (sometimes the clients pay agents for time on phones during training, but not always). However, you will have options for different class times, and class is usually 2-3 hours per day Monday through Friday. This allows you to keep your current job until the class is over and you begin receiving a paycheck, that way money won’t be too tight in between.


Once you’ve completed the Certification Class, you’ll be given details on how to pick your schedule. You’re ready to rock and roll! You’re never alone, so feel free to reach out and use the tools you learned about in class.

Please comment below to share your experience! Good luck!!!