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Online Human Resources For Businesses Owners

Do you own a business? If so, you’ve probably hired someone to do your accounting. What if I told you that there is actually a website that allows your employees to clock in and out from their phones, including breaks, AND does payroll — even taxes — for you?! Not to mention all of the other tasks that come with Human Resources…

If you don’t own a business, and are doing freelance work as a Virtual Assistant, this is something your clients will definitely appreciate you telling them about! Not to mention, once you have an account, you’ll earn a $100 Amazon Gift Card for referring businesses — winning!

Not only does this amazing tool track time and process payroll; It also has options for medical, dental, and vision insurance for employees, as well as Compliance Help (including offer letters and new-hire paperwork) and Employee Finance Tools, all done by Certified HR Experts. Paid Time Off is also easily taken care of!

Gusto starts at just $25/month with 50% off your monthly base fee for your first 6 months. This is obviously SO much cheaper than what you’re paying your Accountant. I’ve been using Gusto for about 3 years — it’s SOO convenient for everyone involved!

How It Works

Gusto will provide the company owner with login information which will lead them to an account for their business. Then, the owner can invite their employees to set up an account under that company. Employees will log in with their own email addresses and will have the option to clock in and out. There are also menu options for them to view their hours for the pay period, personal information, bank information for direct deposit, job title and pay, start date, W2s/1099s, proof of employment letter, and SO much more!

The owner of the business has it made in the shade! All they have to do is log in and approve of the employees’ time logged at the end of each pay period. The rest is DONE!

Make a change to your business, and save money, with Gusto today!