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What is a Virtual Assistant?

I think this will be a good read for both business owners and future Virtual Assistants. I’ve worked as a Virtual Assistant for about 4 years, at this point. I’ve built wonderful relationships with my clients, and have heard it from their point of view too!

A Virtual Assistant (VA) is SUCH a broad term. Think of it as a secretary, but at home. There are SO many tasks that can be done online. Pretty much any job/career that can be done from an office can be done from home. It’s literally as simple as that!

No Task Too Big or Too Small

Sometimes, people need help with something small, like data entry or email management. These tasks don’t usually take long, so there’s no need to hire someone in the office — and not really enough hours to hire someone decent enough to do the job efficiently, so they hire a VA!

The cool thing about being a VA is that you can work for multiple small-task clients in one day. For instance, one client might need Email Management every morning. The next client might need Social Media Management around lunchtime. Maybe another client is flexible and just needs data entry done by next week, so you could do a few hours of that every afternoon. The list goes on…

You can see how those small tasks add up to be a day’s work. It doesn’t really matter how big or small each task is — as long as you have the clientele.

How much should a VA be paid?

The pay varies, according to the task(s) performed. Simple tasks, like data entry or appointment setting, will pay lower than the more difficult tasks, like accounting or web design. Some of the platforms you can use to work/hire have set prices that can vary from $5-$30/hour.

If you’re not using a platform and have set out to work/hire on your own, you can set your own prices and negotiate them. I usually start with around $13/hour for Office Management duties.

The non-Scariest Thing About Hiring A VA — Sharing Passwords

I think a lot of business owners are hesitant to hire a VA because of sharing personal information, like passwords or bank information. This is actually something that no one should be afraid of, but they don’t know enough about the online tools that are available — like LastPass. LastPass is a free password-sharing tool that allows people to share passwords with each other without the recipient actually seeing what the password is. There is also a paid plan with LastPass, but I’ve been using the free version for years. The main difference I see in the free plan vs. the paid plan is that you can share passwords with more than one person with the paid plan. I only share with one person per account, so I haven’t had the need to upgrade.

Take A Leap!

So, hiring a VA, or becoming one, isn’t as scary as it seems. It takes hard work and dedication, but can be the best career choice you’ve ever made! This is something I don’t ever see myself stopping because it’s something that I thoroughly enjoy. I can’t wait to share everything I know with you! So, if this is something that interests you, stay tuned for TONS of information to help you be successful!

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